3 Outdoor Activities in Augusta (that don’t require a ticket to the Masters)

This is the week Augusta, Georgia waits for. It’s the city’s annual fifteen minutes of fame.  It’s Masters Week.

Having grown up in a suburb of Augusta, I have many memories of the ways in which the Masters golf tournament impacts the city. Typical day-to-day activity in Augusta comes to a halt as the city welcomes visitors from around the world.

If you’re lucky enough to have scored tickets to this prestigious event, or if you are in the Augusta area for other reasons, you may find yourself wondering what else there is to do in this southern city. While I admit Augusta lacks the entertainment options of many other destinations, there are still a variety of options to fill your time, especially if you’re interested in getting some fresh air.

The Riverwalk

Located near downtown Augusta is the Riverwalk, which is exactly what it sounds like – a walkway along the river. More specifically, the path leads along the Savannah River, which divides Georgia from South Carolina. Two separate paths are available and are linked by stairs at various points along the way. One path allows visitors to walk right along the river, while another is raised and offers views of the river as well as downtown Augusta. When enjoying the Riverwalk, be sure to stop by the historic levee, which features markers that indicate the levels of floods that afflicted the city in the past.

Savannah Rapids Park

The Riverwalk isn’t the only area to enjoy a walk by the Savannah River. The Augusta Canal Trail is located between the Augusta Canal and Savannah River, offering visitors the opportunity to walk with water on both sides. While views of the river from this path are frequently blocked by trees, the canal provides plenty of scenery. The trail extends several miles, all the way to downtown Augusta, but the end at Savannah Rapids Park is particularly enjoyable. The park includes views of the point at which the canal and river meet as well as a unique pedestrian bridge.

Phinizy Swamp

For those looking for more nature and wildlife, Phinizy Swamp is the place to be. Boardwalks and trails allow visitors to explore the park and view numerous types of wildlife, including turtles, alligators, snakes, frogs, river otters, and many more. Well over a hundred different species of birds have been sighted at Phinizy Swamp, according to their website.

Whether you’re planning to visit Augusta for the Masters or for other reasons, be sure to visit at least one of these outdoor spots on your trip!


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