3 Reasons to Visit Kauai

Waimea Canyon

In a trip full of highlights, Waimea Canyon certainly earned its place in my top five favorite adventures in Hawai’i. The views from overlooks along the road were phenomenal, exceeded only by the views from the hike along the canyon.

Na Pali Coast/Kalalau Trail

The Na Pali Coast often appears in lists of top scenic locations, and the Kalalau trail is one of very few ways to explore this part of Kauai. Since the coast is not accessible by roads, the other options for seeing it are to take a boat over or to see it from the air- both of which are less work, but certainly much more cost-prohibitive! I also enjoyed getting a wide variety of views along the hike.

Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge

A less well-known stop on Kauai is the Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge. Tours provide a brief history of the lighthouse. Visitors can also explore the grounds surrounding the lighthouse, which offer fantastic views of the ocean and the colorful shore.

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